Search Division:


The Second Stage of the Eucharistic Youth's Life


Search is a group consisted of pre-adolescent youths between the ages of eleven and thirteen. Generally, the members during these ages are becoming more aware of their physical and emotional changes. During this transitional period into young adults, they are confused and ambivalent to set rules imposed by authority figures. They are searching for their own identity and the rationality of their existence. Consequently, this nameless quest affects their spiritual beings as well. The members wear the navy blue scarves which symbolizes their unfathomed uniqueness and identity with a great hope of life and society. The scriptural model for the group is based on Jesus' hidden and evangelical life. Like Jesus, who was patiently praying for a deeper knowledge of his mission, they must find who they are in the solitude of prayer. Imitating Jesus, who was willing to fulfill the Father's wills, the will learn to accept who they are with gratitude. The members' natural inclination to reason and question abstract thoughts and concepts is now integrated into their development through concrete apostolate works.

Xin dâng lên Chúa màu xanh biển đậm đà của lứa tuổi thiếu nhi, vừa mới lớn. Xin cho các em biết ấp ủ trong tim ý nghĩa cao đẹp của hai chữ HY SINH. Biết từ bỏ những ham chơi lãng phí, những kiểu cách thời trang, để chuyên cần học tập hầu chuẩn bị cho cuộc sống tương lai.

Huynh trưởng và Giáo lý viên ngành thiếu:

Tr. Huy Vũ - Phone: (336) 686-4364

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